Head Girl's Message

By thought we rise: By thought we fall

"By thought we stand or go, all destiny is wrought by its swift potency and he who stands master of thought and his desires, commands willing and wearing thoughts of love and might shapes his high end in Truth’s unerring light"

Dear Friends

We are inmates of this temple of learning our school and with the passage of time we will be ready to leave it to enter another bigger world. Our school prepares us for just that, for to survive in this world besides academic knowledge we need to equip ourselves with high moral values which stand the test of time and the first step towards this is to always harbor good thoughts. To arrive close to perfection we need to have a strong moral pillar around us. A speck of kindness, a teaspoon full of gracefulness, a cup of cheerfulness and a stroke of a tender touch is all we need to invite positive thoughts and throw out all negativity and then we will be ready to take on this world with its many challenges for it is a thought and thought alone, that divides right from wrong and elevates or degrades human needs and desires!

Jagisha Sharma
    (Head Girl)