Our Foundress
Mother Maria Teresa Nuzzo the founder of the ‘Daughter of the Sacred Heart’ congregations was born on 11th May 1851.

At a young age Mother Maria Teresa felt the call for a religious life. She wanted to dedicate her life totally to God in the service of the poor and needy. She said ‘let my life be a life of dedication. Let my vital breath, eyes, ears intellect and spirit be dedicated to service. Let my love and understanding, my prosperity and my knowledge be used in service. Let the service be made in the Spirit of true Sacrifice.

Mother Maria Teresa thus set out on her spiritual journey. She practiced the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity with the help of God of whom she was never in doubt, leading an exemplary life which came to its close in 1923. There is much to imbibe from her teachings over the torch of wisdom that she lit.