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Album Title: Special Assembly in memory of...
Event Date : 20th Sep, 2017
Created Date : 20th Sep, 2017
Total Photos : 22
Description: This morning we had a special assembly...
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Album Title: Karate Championship
Event Date : 8th Sep, 2017
Created Date : 8th Sep, 2017
Total Photos : 28
Description: The students of Sacred Heart Convent...
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Album Title: Teachers Day Celebration
Event Date : 5th Sep, 2017
Created Date : 5th Sep, 2017
Total Photos : 102
Description: Teacher’s day was celebrated with great...
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Album Title: A step towards healthy nation...
Event Date : 1st Sep, 2017
Created Date : 1st Sep, 2017
Total Photos : 14
Description: For a healthy nation the children of the...
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Album Title: Singing Competition
Event Date : 23rd Aug, 2017
Created Date : 23rd Aug, 2017
Total Photos : 53
Description: Music washes away from the soul the dust...
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Album Title: Independence Day Celebration
Event Date : 15th Aug, 2017
Created Date : 15th Aug, 2017
Total Photos : 53
Description: Independence is that treasure which...
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Album Title: Elocution Contest Classes KG -...
Event Date : 10th Aug, 2017
Created Date : 10th Aug, 2017
Total Photos : 42
Description: Robert Frost the famous American poet...
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Album Title: Scholastic Book Fair
Event Date : 28th Jul, 2017
Created Date : 31st Jul, 2017
Total Photos : 52
Description: Books are a store house of knowledge....
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Album Title: Inter House Carrom and Chess...
Event Date : 31st Jul, 2017
Created Date : 31st Jul, 2017
Total Photos : 39
Description: An inter house carom competition was...
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Album Title: Celebrations of Sacred Heart...
Event Date : 23rd Jun, 2017
Created Date : 23rd Jun, 2017
Total Photos : 67
Description: Today we celebrated the Sacred Heart...
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Album Title: Inter-House Volley-Ball Match
Event Date : 12th Jun, 2017
Created Date : 12th Jun, 2017
Total Photos : 24
Description: An interhouse volley ball match was...
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Album Title: 'Lit the Lamp of Cleanliness...
Event Date : 30th May, 2017
Created Date : 2nd Jun, 2017
Total Photos : 49
Description: Cleanliness is the state of keeping...
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Album Title: Inauguration of Nuzzo...
Event Date : 31st May, 2017
Created Date : 1st Jun, 2017
Total Photos : 219
Description: 31st May, 2017 was indeed a landmark in...
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Album Title: Inter-House Badminton Match
Event Date : 20th May, 2017
Created Date : 22nd May, 2017
Total Photos : 38
Description: An inter-house badminton match was...
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Album Title: Art Competition
Event Date : 12th May, 2017
Created Date : 16th May, 2017
Total Photos : 57
Description: An art competition was organized in...
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Album Title: Junior Grand Prize
Event Date : 4th May, 2017
Created Date : 4th May, 2017
Total Photos : 140
Description: Sports are about those incredible...
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Album Title: Earth Day Celebration
Event Date : 21st Apr, 2017
Created Date : 21st Apr, 2017
Total Photos : 27
Description: 22nd April works the anniversary of...
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Album Title: Inter- House Debate
Event Date : 13th Apr, 2017
Created Date : 13th Apr, 2017
Total Photos : 29
Description: Great minds have purposes others have...
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Album Title: The Clash of Best Brains
Event Date : 6th Apr, 2017
Created Date : 6th Apr, 2017
Total Photos : 35
Description: The Importance of General Knowledge...
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Album Title: Spellicans
Event Date : 7th Apr, 2017
Created Date : 6th Apr, 2017
Total Photos : 34
Description: Spelling is the art of correctly...
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Album Title: Investiture Ceremony
Event Date : 31st Mar, 2017
Created Date : 1st Apr, 2017
Total Photos : 57
Description: A human soul without education is like a...
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Album Title: Grand Farewell Celebration
Event Date : 17th Dec, 2016
Created Date : 17th Dec, 2016
Total Photos : 164
Description: Bidding farewell and saying good bye is...
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Album Title: A Glorious End To An Eventful...
Event Date : 30th Nov, 2016
Created Date : 30th Nov, 2016
Total Photos : 143
Description: This morning we marked the end of...
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Album Title: One Nation Reading Together
Event Date : 25th Nov, 2016
Created Date : 25th Nov, 2016
Total Photos : 38
Description: Scholastic India is the pioneers in...
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