Principal's Message

‘Education for Life’

There are two roads that lead to an important goal and to the doing of great things, strength and perseverance. Strength together with austere perseverance, persistent and continuous may be employed by the smallest of us and rarely fails of its purpose, for its silent power grows irresistibly greater with time.

It is our persistent effort at Sacred Heart Convent to provide quality education to our students. Training in leadership and training for good citizenship besides academics is the hallmark of our institution. Leadership plays a key role in student’s life right from a tender age. This training consists of getting the students to tackle the Problems that face them at their particular age level. Value education classes at school help to heal and strengthen their body and mind. Student counselor at school is available to the children and with his able guidance helps to solve their emotional problems.

The senior students are also actively involved in the Road safety patrols, thus training to be responsible citizens. We firmly believe that students vary in their talents and intellect ability. It is our earnest endeavor here at Sacred Heart to make each student to use his or her unique ability and talent to its fullest through Elocutions, Singing Contest, Debates, Bulletin Boards and Dramatics.

We believe that there are no problem children, only children with problems which can be easily resolved. Great emphasis is laid on punctuality and regularity at school, for these disciplines the children for life, enables them to meet deadlines at work later on in life without any stress. Book clubs and fairs are organized at school to inculcate reading habit in the child. A book indeed is a man’s best friend; they enrich the child’s imagination, vocabulary and oratory skills.

Students are taught the value of making sacrifices and the spirit of team work through community service which will bring about progress in the community and the country. We teach our students that each one of us play an indispensible part in God’s plan. We can change the world, each in our own little way. We may be small and think there is nothing we can do to build a better world, but we can do that by building a better me!

Sr. Jacintha