School Anthem

Oh this world is full of high schools,
But there's one that is our own;
It's a school that teaches courage
Even though one stands alone:
It's a school that lives the motto,
In my virtue lies my strength;
Of all the schools around the earth,
Of choice this is a must.

CHORUS Sacred Heart, School of mine,
Alight upon the hill-top;
You to all the world will shine,
With the students standing by you;
There's no foe can e'er defy you,
Sacred Heart-school of mine.

Now students rise in numbers,
And they bless those days of old;
As they offer their allegiance;
To the badge of red and gold;
When they think of days of study;
And debates and the concerts too;
From east to west our school is best,
We'll proudly honour you.

From the city's noisy clatter,
And increasing throngs apart ;
Stands our noble Alma mater,
It's the idol of our hearts;.
Dear old school we'll ne'er forget you,
With your standards so brave and true;
May all your students ever be;
Loyal and true to thee.

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