School Fee
  1. Fees are to be deposited by CASH / CHEQUE/ONLINE in South Indian Bank, Shimla

  2. Extension Counter of the same bank will be made in the school premises for your convenience.

  3. First Term Fees to be deposited before the 15th of March and Second Term Fees before the 15th of July and Third Term Fees before 15th of November.

  4. Tuition Fee is to be paid in three Installments. A late fee of Rs. 200/- is charged after the due date.

  5. No deduction is made for the absence of children during holidays or for broken periods.

  6. A calendar month's notice must be given in writing before a child is withdrawn or a month's fee paid in lieu of notice.

  7. The School year is from MARCH to FEBRUARY. All students are obliged to pay fees for the whole year.

  8. Fees for whole year (12 Months) are also acceptable.

  9. ANNUAL CHARGES are to be paid with First Term fee.

  10. EDUCATION ACTIVITIES FEE is to be paid with Second and Third Term Fee.

  11. Unless all fees have been paid a student may not appear for the Final Examinations or receive his/her Progress Report.