Head Boy's Message


Everyone is programmed to succeed. The hardest thing you’re ever going to do in your life is to fail at something but as we work through that process of failure and warning, we will really deepen into the human beings we are capable of being. The challenge is that we have to fight the hardest battle, and never stop fighting until we arrive at our destined place. The tools with which we will fight this battle are: have a great aim in life, continuously acquiring knowledge, hard work and pressures to realize the great achievement.

Working through the process, have courage, courage to think differently, courage to discover the impossible, courage to combat the problems and succeed!

Together our motto should be ‘Let not our winged days, be spent in vain’. At this phase of life our only goal should be to improve ourselves each day. We can improve only if we have devotion towards what we are doing. We should continue a task till we feel the toughness in our body because the harder you stretch, the stronger it becomes, the better it becomes. Dead things can be preserved, life cannot be preserved it can only be nourished and used. Upgradation must happen to a point, wherever we stand, we stand out. This upgradation comes to those who are willing to work hard, who are willing to show determination, who are focused, who always strive for excellence.

This should not be done in competition with anybody but ourselves for only than can be displayed our full potential.

Always Remember-Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen, so here’s to a new beginning!

Varun Thakur
(Head Boy)


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