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Head Boy's Message


Greetings to all,

As a proud heartian with a steadfast mind and truthful heart, first and foremost I’d like to express my earnest gratitude towards this institution, Our Principal, members of the staff for having trust in my potential and bestowing me with this once in a lifetime opportunity, As I close my 13 year long chapter of schooling, I’m certainly indebted to this institution for nurturing a timid kid into one who stands for a purpose, one who seeks the fulfillment of leaving no stone unturned in serving the 2000+ strong family of Sacred Heart, with dedication, sincerity, accountability and responsibility, all throughout this fruitful year.

Well to set the flow, I along with every co office bearer of mine, perceive this position as not only one endowed with dignity but one that demands responsibility, the responsibility of carrying the legacy forward created by our aspirational predecessors and being an inspiration for the ones to follow. We seek to do so by acknowledging the motto of our school, ‘Virtus in Fortitudline’ hinting that strength lies in our virtues. ‘One cannot pour from an empty cup’, So adopting a virtuous mindset is vital for us to be a force for good, that is, the ultimate driver of empowering people in our vicinity through our integral leadership skills and not coercion. One testament of having this virtuous mindset is accepting that “the power of love should prevail over the love for power as at the end of the day people won’t remember us at what powerful position we were at but they will remember us for how we treated them”, therefore being empathetic, all inclusive and down to earth for investing in the well being of others is so crucial for us to set apart from the crowd, consequently, slowly yet surely our karmas reciprocate and bear the fruits of recognition and appreciation in return. Certainly, having this perspective amplified, we office bearers do admit that we are imperfect just like any human but we do possess the grit to strive for perfection in order to testify our role as torchbearers united with strength, as part of my closing remark, never forget that ‘the universe always listens to a stubborn heart, so be unapologetically yourself and henceforth, aspire to inspire others’

Warm Regards,
Ojas Vijayavargeeya
(Head Boy)


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