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If I could turn back the clock and go back in time the one pearl of wisdom that I have gathered which I would like to tell my younger self would be to seek discomfort. Paradoxical?? Let me unfold my thoughts. In my journey of life I have gathered much experience and collected it all safely in my Pandora’s box. Today I unlock its contents and share with you whatever knowledge I have gathered.
I came, I saw, I conquered
Through the years I have realised that the key aspect for one's exponential personal growth is experimenting. 
Experiment with anything and everything.
Do not be result oriented rather enjoy the process.
Do it for the experience the reward shall follow.
Push your boundaries.
Do things you are not comfortable doing, for the experience of doing them will help you with your growth and confidence.
Take up multiple tasks (sometimes even more than what you think you can handle ) and keep yourself busy. It will help you to learn time management & develop work ethics.
You will have to get comfortable being uncomfortable if you want to dent the universe.
Keep striving, keep hustling, keep learning
For life is an ongoing process and knowledge never ceases. So look around you, breath in experience and leave behind footprints in the sands of time.

To every Problem there is a solution,
Just like to every lock there is a key
You have to be what you must be,
If in life you wish to be free
Do not be scared
for Perfection be geared
seek discomfort
Make it your friend
In life’s journey let this be your trend.
Success will find its own feet
And life will then be a treat
So seek discomfort
Seek discomfort

Raghav Sood
(Head Boy)


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