Head Girl's Message


“The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change but the leader adjusts the soils” – John Maxwell

Leadership is a skill hard learned by facing challenges, making mistakes, learning from them, failing but rising again with deeper, stronger passion and determination.

A leader is not born; he/she is made with adequate guidance by those who help hi/her inculcate the essence and gravity of true leadership. The position of head girl is a powerful embodiment of authority, responsibility and discipline. It is a matter of paramount honour for me to be the representative of this distinct post in this prestigious institution. I am grateful to our Principal Sr. Jyothi and the teachers for considering me competent enough for this post.

To all my juniors and peers; the fire burning inside you is mighty; it is waiting to turn bright. You are meant to do great things. Each one of you is unique be comfortable in your own skin celebrate you’re the individually. Most people master the oblivious, you create its bold, it’s beautiful and it’s you. Give it your best and your dreams will come to life. Success is all yours.

I would like to urge all heartians to be ideal students, so that we can take our school to greater heights of success. We will work in union to keep Sacred Heart’s flag flying high up in the sky, mounted with love, hoisted with dignity and fluttering with grace.

Warm Regards,
Srijan Sharma
(Head Girl)


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