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“The people who succeed aren’t the ones who avoid failure; they’re the ones who learn how to respond to failure with optimism.”

Each and every though of our create personality and destiny, our every thought gets reflected in our actions. Our thoughts are a catalyst for self perpetuating cycles. What you think directly influences how you feel and how you behave. So if you think you are a failure, you will feel like a failure and then act like one. A positive mindset and good attitude shapes our personality and brightens our failure.

With the passage of time we will be ready to leave our school to enter another bigger world, a world full of competition accompanied by failure and success. In such a competitive world a negative mindset only drags us into the pit of failure where as a positive mindset helps us to rise from that failure and achieve success. Having a positive mindset in classroom is essential as it boasts our mind, gives us motivation, it gives us clarity of thoughts and focuses our mind but a negative one keeps us away from achieving goals and blocks us from moving forward in life. The mindset a person develops is the most important ingredient in determining the level of success. People who are negatively conditioned accept defeat while people who are positive don’t. Negative thoughts are just like weeds that strangle personality. If you put negative thoughts into your mind, you’re going to get negative results likewise having positive thoughts, will get you positive results. Positive actions combined with positive mindset results in success.

So always be ‘Positive’ let the star in you shine!!

Manvee Khimta
(Head Girl)


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