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‘Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all’

Education is not only the acquisition of knowledge and skills but also the understanding the values, beliefs and basic behaviour of a person.

While educating the mind enables a person to acquire knowledge and makes him capable to complete his activity, educating the heart provides him with knowledge of morality, practicality and ethics.

Instead of just focusing on test scores, we must fill our hearts with compassion for all life forms. Education must emphasise social skills, compassion and kindness.

Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam, and Nelson Mandela, all of them made a place in the hearts of people. Not just duet to their intellect but because of their humanism, and their ability to connect with the people.

We must bring together knowledge, compassion and mindfulness synergistically so that we develop a more accurate understanding of the world around us. We must listen to our hearts, learn what we think we know and encourage people around us to think and behave differently, to behave compassionately.

I strongly believe that along with the education of the mind, the education of the heart is a must. Knowledge of the world is worthless without compassion for the brethren. We need to instill the ethics, the moral certitude, and the sensitivity that can enable us to move forward together and leave behind none. That is the true sense of education.

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